I actually want to post this on ‘our’ tumblr but I’m not sure yet

  1. Cheating is always a choice, not a mistake:  I put this as number 1 cuz to me, it’s like the golden rule of cheating or whatever. Lol. For real though, think about it. When people cheat, they say it was a mistake or the work of the devil, but come on. It was a conscious choice. Okay, let’s say I go to a guy friend’s house. On my way there, I’m obviously not thinking to myself ‘oh yes! cheating time! *white girl fist pump*’, but at that moment that he begins to touch me or lean in to kiss me, I’m conscious of what is going on. Not stopping it, initiating it or going along with it IS my choice.
  2. Cheating doesn’t mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with someone else. Once…

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