So basically, at this very moment I’m revising for my exams starting on Wednesday and ending sometime next week. I don’t know…but whenever I’ve got exams I’m so nervous!! Alright, I’m sure you guys reading this will be like “who isn’t?” but I think my own case is…well worse, like during this period, I hardly sleep (lol, not like I sleep early anyways),I can pull an all-nighter studying and stuff, Food suddenly becomes less of a priority, I isolate myself from all things human, constantly in my room trying to fit as much as I can into my brain (It’s not like i’ll remember half of what I read tho..lol x_x). Seeing that that doesn’t help half of the time, I have to go over them again. For some reason it feels like I’m typing some kind of formal letter or something.. :/ I guess it’s because i’m in my study mode B-) LOL! Okay, so apparently most people say it’s not healthy cos it drains people of all their energy and stuff and quoting my mum, “seeing that i’m skinny, it’s not gonna help my case in any way” Lmaoo!! 😦 Lol, but what can I do? Like a friend said, “Gotta get those A’s and B’s… they look good on the CV” Can’t help but agree with her though, I’m not much of a Nerd but at least you get my point. I’m trying to stop this bad habit and maybe minimise the amount of time I read so I can get enough rest. Either way, I don’t wanna take chances. I just decided to take a little break off my endless hours of studying to put this up. Hopefully I’ll do well in my exams. Have a good week y’all! 🙂 and oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ^_^


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