It’s all “Fun and Games”. . .

…Till the joke is on you.

Hi guys 😀

….*crickets* :/

Lol, okay. So I haven’t really had time to post anything on here for a while. Well, only because I had a lotta exams amongst some other things that I had to deal with. You’ll probably be seeing more of me now…I guess.

So recently I’ve been seeing a lot of banter on twitter, ranging from the ‘dm leaks’ to calling someone ‘hellboy’ (HELL BOY?? come on…) and so on amongst other things… If you’re on Nigerian twitter (sadly) you’ll probably know what I’m on about. Now I ask, when did you lot become Jesus to start judging who is ugly and who isn’t?? The fact that someone isn’t your definition of ‘beautiful‘, doesn’t make them ugly. God gave everyone sense, but some people just refuse to use it. Well, common sense isn’t that common after all.

What do you gain from slandering others? A couple ‘lols’, ‘Lmaos’ and RTs? Is that it?? I see no reason why you should make fun of others, be it social networking or not. Funny enough yeah, half of you that run your mouth on twitter saying shizzle have nothing to show for it when you come face to face with the person in question. Now what does that make you? “A TOOTHLESS BULLDOG” , a complete wuss/wimp who obviously has no life; exhibiting f*ckboy behaviour (Excuse my french) in front of his/her computer screen.

Y’all be like “It’s all fun and games on here, It’s never that serious” Lol nah…initially, that was what I thought… till someone OD’d on pills. It’s all fun and games till you are the centre of the joke. Like somone on twitter said, “Be enjoying yourself as your mentions are being filled with ‘lmao’s and ‘lol’s.” Like you actually think they are endorsements to run your mouth. I swear twitter has given those ones so much liberty/allowance…  Such impudence. Some of you think you’re of higher thinking order or something…maybe a higher species. (You lot know them as so called “Twitter celebs” Lool. Just..LOOL! Wake up and smell the coffee hunnay.

Half of the time when I see some of these people doing what they know how to do best, I’m tempted to give them a piece of my mind, but being the good girl that I am ^_^ who doesn’t like excessive drama and unwanted attention also known as the so called baseless tweetfights, I just leave it and keep to myself.

Now being completely neutral in this issue and watching from the sidelines (a.k.a Amebo perspective x_x) I’ve also noticed that during tweetfights the first line of insult is calling someone ‘ugly’ even when the person the insult is aimed at clearly isn’t. In my mind i’m like, “LOL!! Okay Beckham /Okay Beyonce” . The worst is especially when the person insulting now looks like someone/something Shrek would easily take on in a beauty pageant.  Please, it seems you don’t know the meaning of ugly. For you lot who ‘misuse’ this word a lot, let me educate you B-) ;

“Ugly is defined as someone or something which is ‘Unpleasant’ or ‘Repulsive’ to look at” – Now how does your insult in anyway correspond with this definition? Get your facts right. If you don’t like the person, tell the person straight up and stop making silly and unnecessary excuses to hate on him/her.

If you’re gonna insult someone, the least you could do is to make it realistic. I mean HOW can you tell someone that their head looks like a ‘bag of rice’?? 😐 :/ Please can you guys explain to me how someone’s head resembles a bag of rice?? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?? Like i’m totally confused :s

I could go on and on about this issue but I’ll just leave it at that.

P.S If you’re among these set of people, STOP IT.

Have a nice day 🙂 xx



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