Hello beautifuls! So today, I’m just writing a random list of random things that randomly piss me off. Wait first, before you start, don’t read this and judge me like this one just hates on everything lol. We all have our pet peeves; these are some of mineee (in no specific order). Enjoy 😀

1)     It annoys me when people (in my age group) say ‘my man’ instead of ‘my boyfriend’ or something. Don’t ask me why cuz idk lol it just annoys me.

2)     I hate it when people claim to be beliebers or part of Rihanna navy, yet they spell Bieber as ‘Beiber’ and Rihanna as ‘Rhianna’. I’m not a member of either fandom but it still irritates me. Like if you’re going to be a stan, at least be able to correctly spell the name of the person you’re ‘stanning’ for.

3)     Hate it when people ask…

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