Random Life Update

Hi there, I could make up a million and one excuses for why I haven’t really posted anything in a while…but the truth is there isn’t… Or is there?

So basically, the past few months (after summer) has been really horrible. I feel like I was cursed or something. The worst was when my laptop decided to die on me. I took it in for repairs and they said it needed system re-installation and all that crap. Suddenly my laptop hard drive became faulty too.. To cut the long story short, I spent over £170 repairing this thing and lost all my data that was saved on the stupid laptop. To be very honest with you, I cried…like literally cried with tears and everything. All my assignments, essays…everything was gone and all hope was lost. Even my stupid back up hard drive refused to work. At this point, my blood pressure was over the roof to be very honest with you. Stress levels increased and all but luckily for me some of the essays I wanted to submit were still saved in the drafts section of my email; and thank God I had the initiative to save some stuff on my USB drive. The I.T guy who fixed my laptop said it was still possible to get all my work back, but I had to contact some data-retrieving company that would charge me about £500. -_- Well, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

That aside, I honestly haven’t made out time for myself. My life is such a mess right now… like tangled thread sorta mess. Plus I haven’t even called my friends in months! Even the ones in school are now on a hi & bye based friendship.. 😦

But then again, ladies and gentlemen, I am alive and well today. Tenk you and bye 🙂 xx


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