Ladies and Gentlemen,

This post was meant to come earlier (probably July/August as this was around my birthday) but I couldn’t be bothered because I wanted to relish in the last few weeks of my holiday and really enjoy the last days of summer so bad without any form of disturbance; that, and the fact that I’m just lazy as hell. I’ve basically been procrastinating, plus I did warn that my posts were gonna be somewhat spontaneous (even though it’s been a year since my last post :)) so…yeah. Moving on…
Most people say 18 was probably the best year of their life…well, not me.
July 2014 to July 2015 (especially from January 2015) were probably the worst most hectic and busiest 12 months of my life so far as I fell into a whole new world of fuck-ups (excuse my french this one time) immediately I turned 18. Basically, being 18 comes with a lot of responsibility and obviously you also have to be 18 to do a lot of things (in the U.K). Being 18, you couldn’t get away with things most people would usually get away with if they were 17 or younger.

First and foremost, (speaking from experience) normally if you’re below 18 and applying for anything or doing anything that has to do with government registration, it would be hella breezy, in other words relatively easy, because well you’re still considered a  minor and all is well with the world. Being 18 on the other hand within this period throws you into a world of chaos and disorganization as you have a ton of things to prep for , write and pass; you also have to get your National insurance number, make sure your bank account is on fleek and even gun for a driving license if you aren’t that fortunate plus a truckload of exams and courseworks you have to write to top it all off (all within the space of less than 2 – 3 months). BRUH…
Nowadays you have to book appointments on your own, go to hospitals alone etc. There are so many instances I could give but I’m not tryna write a dissertation for you guys lol. You will be here for the next 3 hours, lol.

On a more serious note though, I think things gradually became easier to grasp when I turned 19 in July, my life became more organised and I’m now able to control certain aspects of it, so all is well with the world; but I don’t think it has fully dawned on me that I’ll be turning 20 next year, perhaps I’m still in denial. It’ll probably hit me when we enter 2016 and I get depressed for the next few months afterwards. The worst part is that you don’t really feel any more mature than you presently are (there are probably changes in things you say/do that even you may not necessarily notice).Life as an 18-year-old wasn’t all that bad, there were some good things about it but my case just felt hella special in some way lol.

Quick advice: The worst mistake you can make is growing up too fast. Enjoy your present age and be as mature as possible as age has nothing to do with maturity. In my case for example, I’m presently 19 and I’m not trying to act older than I already am. When 19’s over, then I’ll focus on being 20; I’m not trying to rush the process because you can always go forward in time; time will always go forward, but it will never go backwards. You’re never going to relive these days over again. So just live in it. Enjoy it AND live life to the fullest.

Watch this space for a couple more posts appearing on your dashboards anytime soon… I’ll try to be as consistent as possible. Deuces


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