Hi, there! Welcome 🙂

I bet you were expecting to see some long ass biography/composition of myself…? Well, sorry to burst your bubble. Probably not what you were hoping to see, right? LOL! Oh well. Moving on…People call me Chidera or Dera if you like. Who or what I am can’t possibly fit into this little write-up because I’m more than you can imagine. 😉 You’ve gotta do the research yourself. Lol, just kidding. I’m still trying to figure that out for myself. But here are a couple of things about me:

  • I love being around people who make me happy. This is actually very important for me, because when you are around positive people, you tend to become motivated to do great things. Like they say, positivity breeds happiness.
  • I love food
  • I tend to come across as shy and quiet to people around me (which is true to be honest), but once you get to know me I’m actually quite fun to be around and occasionally loud when the need arises. Lol.

This blog is just a compilation of some of the random thoughts and opinions of mine that go through my head all the time and I believe that sometimes you need an outlet to let it all out; this blog will do just that and more.

Have fun reading 🙂 xx


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