Hello beautifuls! So today, I’m just writing a random list of random things that randomly piss me off. Wait first, before you start, don’t read this and judge me like this one just hates on everything lol. We all have our pet peeves; these are some of mineee (in no specific order). Enjoy 😀

1)     It annoys me when people (in my age group) say ‘my man’ instead of ‘my boyfriend’ or something. Don’t ask me why cuz idk lol it just annoys me.

2)     I hate it when people claim to be beliebers or part of Rihanna navy, yet they spell Bieber as ‘Beiber’ and Rihanna as ‘Rhianna’. I’m not a member of either fandom but it still irritates me. Like if you’re going to be a stan, at least be able to correctly spell the name of the person you’re ‘stanning’ for.

3)     Hate it when people ask…

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It’s all “Fun and Games”. . .

…Till the joke is on you.

Hi guys 😀

….*crickets* :/

Lol, okay. So I haven’t really had time to post anything on here for a while. Well, only because I had a lotta exams amongst some other things that I had to deal with. You’ll probably be seeing more of me now…I guess.

So recently I’ve been seeing a lot of banter on twitter, ranging from the ‘dm leaks’ to calling someone ‘hellboy’ (HELL BOY?? come on…) and so on amongst other things… If you’re on Nigerian twitter (sadly) you’ll probably know what I’m on about. Now I ask, when did you lot become Jesus to start judging who is ugly and who isn’t?? The fact that someone isn’t your definition of ‘beautiful‘, doesn’t make them ugly. God gave everyone sense, but some people just refuse to use it. Well, common sense isn’t that common after all.

What do you gain from slandering others? A couple ‘lols’, ‘Lmaos’ and RTs? Is that it?? I see no reason why you should make fun of others, be it social networking or not. Funny enough yeah, half of you that run your mouth on twitter saying shizzle have nothing to show for it when you come face to face with the person in question. Now what does that make you? “A TOOTHLESS BULLDOG” , a complete wuss/wimp who obviously has no life; exhibiting f*ckboy behaviour (Excuse my french) in front of his/her computer screen.

Y’all be like “It’s all fun and games on here, It’s never that serious” Lol nah…initially, that was what I thought… till someone OD’d on pills. It’s all fun and games till you are the centre of the joke. Like somone on twitter said, “Be enjoying yourself as your mentions are being filled with ‘lmao’s and ‘lol’s.” Like you actually think they are endorsements to run your mouth. I swear twitter has given those ones so much liberty/allowance…  Such impudence. Some of you think you’re of higher thinking order or something…maybe a higher species. (You lot know them as so called “Twitter celebs” Lool. Just..LOOL! Wake up and smell the coffee hunnay.

Half of the time when I see some of these people doing what they know how to do best, I’m tempted to give them a piece of my mind, but being the good girl that I am ^_^ who doesn’t like excessive drama and unwanted attention also known as the so called baseless tweetfights, I just leave it and keep to myself.

Now being completely neutral in this issue and watching from the sidelines (a.k.a Amebo perspective x_x) I’ve also noticed that during tweetfights the first line of insult is calling someone ‘ugly’ even when the person the insult is aimed at clearly isn’t. In my mind i’m like, “LOL!! Okay Beckham /Okay Beyonce” . The worst is especially when the person insulting now looks like someone/something Shrek would easily take on in a beauty pageant.  Please, it seems you don’t know the meaning of ugly. For you lot who ‘misuse’ this word a lot, let me educate you B-) ;

“Ugly is defined as someone or something which is ‘Unpleasant’ or ‘Repulsive’ to look at” – Now how does your insult in anyway correspond with this definition? Get your facts right. If you don’t like the person, tell the person straight up and stop making silly and unnecessary excuses to hate on him/her.

If you’re gonna insult someone, the least you could do is to make it realistic. I mean HOW can you tell someone that their head looks like a ‘bag of rice’?? 😐 :/ Please can you guys explain to me how someone’s head resembles a bag of rice?? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?? Like i’m totally confused :s

I could go on and on about this issue but I’ll just leave it at that.

P.S If you’re among these set of people, STOP IT.

Have a nice day 🙂 xx




So basically, at this very moment I’m revising for my exams starting on Wednesday and ending sometime next week. I don’t know…but whenever I’ve got exams I’m so nervous!! Alright, I’m sure you guys reading this will be like “who isn’t?” but I think my own case is…well worse, like during this period, I hardly sleep (lol, not like I sleep early anyways),I can pull an all-nighter studying and stuff, Food suddenly becomes less of a priority, I isolate myself from all things human, constantly in my room trying to fit as much as I can into my brain (It’s not like i’ll remember half of what I read x_x). Seeing that that doesn’t help half of the time, I have to go over them again. For some reason it feels like I’m typing some kind of formal letter or something.. :/ I guess it’s because i’m in my study mode B-) LOL! Okay, so apparently most people say it’s not healthy cos it drains people of all their energy and stuff and quoting my mum, “seeing that i’m skinny, it’s not gonna help my case in any way” Lmaoo!! 😦 Lol, but what can I do? Like a friend said, “Gotta get those A’s and B’s… they look good on the CV” Can’t help but agree with her though, I’m not much of a Nerd but at least you get my point. I’m trying to stop this bad habit and maybe minimise the amount of time I read so I can get enough rest. Either way, I don’t wanna take chances. I just decided to take a little break off my endless hours of studying to put this up. Hopefully I’ll do well in my exams. Have a good week y’all! 🙂 and oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ^_^

2012 highlights

So, this is my first official post and I’m quite excited. Although, I’m yet to figure out how it all works 🙂 Oh well…

This year has been really fast. Lots have happened in so little a time for me to recall everything. The tears, joy, laughter, the sad times, the unfortunate deaths. It’s just been a whirlwind of events and i’m just really happy to witness the end of it all. All thanks to God. 🙂

There are things you come across in life & forget with a wave of the hand. There are also things you come across and it becomes part & parcel of you & no matter how hard you try to forget,it only develops itself to remain in you. This is what i describe as Personal highlights (of a certain period of time). Then you have the General highlights of one’s year. These are things that you probably won’t forget in a hurry. It could be anything ranging from the most hilarious thing you’ve heard/seen that to the best thing that happened to you within that given period.

Now, i’m gonna be talking about both my personal and general highlights and it would be quite easy for you to differentiate these two as you read on… This is just a few compared to what my brain’s capacity still holds…

1) New friends – I made a lot of friends this year, probably because i decided to leave Coventry for a bit this summer to go spend sometime with family friends and other relatives. ^_^ I also made a few legit friends off twitter that i’d love to see sometime. :’) They are people with amazing personalities, funny, intelligent and will actually listen to your problems and try to help you in anyway they can. I never thought i’d come across these type of people but I did, and for this i’m thankful 🙂 Love youss!! ❤

2) The Olympics – This was one of my major highlights this year on Twitter. LMAO!! Now if you’re an active twitter user you’ll know what i’m talking about. Basically my best day throughout the period of the Olympics was the Nigeria VS U.S.A Men’s Basketball match – the memes and all the jokes that were cracked on that day kept me rolling and laughing like i was “possessed”. Lol, that was how my mum described my behaviour that night x_x She was like “Chidera, are you sure you’re alright?” Lmao!! I couldn’t even deal. :’)

3) Aluu4 – This was an incident that occurred in Nigeria where 4 young men were falsely accused of being thieves. They were beaten to the point of death by the citizens of Aluu (a small community in a state in Nigeria) How can people be so WICKED to not even hear their own side of the story?? It was a sad day indeed. May their soul rest in peace. 😦

4) Iyanya – Kukere (Nigerian) – “All my ladies, All my ladies…” ~(‘,’~) (~’,’)~ LOL! This is my jam!! I first heard this song in the last quarter of 2011. I quickly downloaded it when i found a link. Around that time it wasn’t that popular but i still loved it. In 2012, he shot a video for it…to cut the long story short everyone saw the video and loved it (both song and video) I mean how can’t you love it??


5) D’banj – Oliver Twist (Nigerian) – Now Don Jazzy released this song in 2010/ 2011?.. (Can’t really remember :s) and it was is a confirmed JAM!! In Nigeria Africa, it was quite easy for this tune to be the Number 1 tune on everyone’s playlist. But the best part of it was when this tune hit the U.K in 2012!! ^_^. It was unexpected… Major Celebrities were tweeting about it, it was on MTV’s top ten hits for weeks!!, One of UK’s biggest jam for the whole of summer and beyond!! Haha!! trust a Nigerian like me to be gassed about the whole thing. Anytime i heard it play, i’d be like “Yeah!! D’banj is from Nigeria, deal with it. B-)” Whoop!! #TeamAfrobeats ^_^

Oliver twist

6) Azonto Dance (Ghanaian) – I don’t need to say much on this..This is a dance craze that originated in Ghana and started getting popular in 2011.  By 2012 it was a major craze in the UK and other parts of the world!! You can basically azonto to everything. ^_^ Africa rules!


7) #NigerianPronounciations (Pronunciations) – This trended worldwide on twitter in the summer. Like, i actually couldn’t believe it did LMAOOO!! That night was hilarious!! Shows that there are a lot of Nigerians on twitter than we think. B-) #Swaggy My faves of that night were:

– #NigerianPronounciations TAKE THAT BACK = BACK TO SENDER!!! / HOLY GHOST FIRE!! Tufiakwa!! God forbid, i reject it!!! :”) (Lmao!! I know, i know…this  one’s not really categorized as Pronunciations, but it came up and it was funny so….yeah. B-))

– #NigerianPronounciations X-box 360 – Eggs bugs tree-sisty 

8) The killing of 27 people in Connecticut (America) – Now this occurred on the 14th of December which was towards the end of this year. But it sure made an impact on people around the globe. According to CNN, “a gunman (Adam Lanza) shot dead 20 children in an elementary school and seven adults before apparently killing himself. And it was also reported that he killed his mother (a teacher who taught in the school where the children were killed) before heading to the school, targeting a class in which his mother taught to commit this unforgivable crime”. The most painful part of all this was the number of children that were killed. I mean these were innocent children ranging from the age of 5-10 who had bright futures. You never know…one of these kids might have been the one who would find a cure for Cancer/Aids. But all hopes have been dashed. *deep sigh* There are so many sociopaths and sadists in the world today who murder people for nothing… Only God knows everything and he alone will judge this. I was really emotional when i got to hear of this news. A sad day indeed in the lives of these children’s family and friends, thinking they were gonna have a wonderful Christmas and witness a new year….The thought of this as i type makes me cry… 😥 I think i’ll just stop here…..


I actually want to post this on ‘our’ tumblr but I’m not sure yet

  1. Cheating is always a choice, not a mistake:  I put this as number 1 cuz to me, it’s like the golden rule of cheating or whatever. Lol. For real though, think about it. When people cheat, they say it was a mistake or the work of the devil, but come on. It was a conscious choice. Okay, let’s say I go to a guy friend’s house. On my way there, I’m obviously not thinking to myself ‘oh yes! cheating time! *white girl fist pump*’, but at that moment that he begins to touch me or lean in to kiss me, I’m conscious of what is going on. Not stopping it, initiating it or going along with it IS my choice.
  2. Cheating doesn’t mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with someone else. Once…

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